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WordPress Plugins

What Is A WordPress Plugin?

A piece of software that “plugs into” your WordPress website is known as a plugin. You may build almost any type of website, from eCommerce stores, business websites, and portfolios to blogs, using WordPress plugins, which extend or add additional capabilities to your site.

Depending on their functionality, plugins might make minor adjustments to your website or significant alterations. For instance, you might install a plugin such as WooCommerce to give your website eCommerce capabilities or simply add WhatsApp chat functionality. Or, if you operate an online store, you might add a plugin to process payments or let customers make reservations online with a calendar booking plugin.

Now you have an understanding of what plugins are and how they work. We will be sharing with you our top five plugins for WordPress websites.

Site Kit

Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin. It gives you insights into how people find and use your site, and how to improve, and monetize your content, directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Site Kit makes it easy to set up and configure key Google products, giving you authoritative and up-to-date advice on how to succeed on the web.

The plugin includes 4 main components “Search Console” which measures your site’s Google search traffic and performance, “Analytics” which tells you how users find, use and engage with your site, “PageSpeed Insights” which analyses your site and suggests ways to make it faster and “Adsense” which helps you make money from your online content by surveying ads to your visitors.


WordPress has an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce. With fair levels of customization and several essential features like inventory and tax administration, secure payments, and shipping integration, it makes setting up and running an online business straightforward.

WooCommerce has a ton of handy tools, including inventory management, order monitoring, customer involvement, and more. WooCommerce powers 95%+ of all WordPress stores, with over 27 million total downloads. WooCommerce is not difficult to use. It is simple to use for website beginners.

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The cloud-based CRM HubSpot was created to aid in the alignment of sales and marketing teams, promote sales enablement, increase ROI, and improve your inbound marketing strategy to produce more qualified leads.

The HubSpot WordPress Plugin allows you to capture, organize and engage web visitors with free forms, live chat, CRM (contact management), email marketing, and analytics. Easy to use and no coding necessary. Built natively into WordPress.

Your website forms will automatically sync with your HubSpot CRM so you can easily manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and see every interaction they’ve had with your website. This plugin creates & updates each contact record with a unified timeline of the contact’s page views, live chat conversations, form submissions, and more


Join.Chat gives your WordPress website the ability to convert your web visitors into loyal customers by giving them WhatsApp as an easy contact option with the majority of internet users being mobile its a fast and easy way for your business to answer your customer’s questions. In addition, the plugin also has custom call-to-action messages, WooCommerce integration, to help you sell your products, instant messaging apps, Support Agents configuration, and multimedia elements that will be displayed just when needed.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability.

The plugin supports you by optimizing your posts for the desired keyphrases more easily. Yoast SEO can recognize related keyphrases, synonyms of keyphrases, and different word forms of your keyphrases*. This lets you write more naturally and makes it easier to improve your content for audiences and the search engines.

Adding structured data is one of the most effective ways of getting your site noticed by search engines. Yoast SEO automatically adds the right structured data and comes with options for you to enrich your site with extra structured data. Increases your chances to get rich results!

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